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Diana Crain has been a porcelain artist since 1973.  From Speedway Indiana, after teaching high school in Indianapolis, she found her way to northern California .  She produced a line of fine porcelain dinnerware for the first 10 years.  Selling to galleries across the country and eventually to Gump's Department store in San Francisco.  Most potters were producing stoneware pots at that time but Diana was drawn to the smooth white clay and rich colors she could paint on it.

In 1981 Diana moved into wall art and vases made of colored porcelain. There were only a handful of artists using this technique.  She had one woman shows in N.Y., L.A., Denver, Chicago and had inlaid porcelain quilts travel in a Smithsonian Quilt Show.  This path lead to the current line of wall vases pictured on this web site.   She has her work in permanent collections at museums and corporations such as Disney, Hewitt Packard, Kaiser Permanente, etc. as well as restaurants.  Wall vases are the perfect decor above tables and bars to hold fresh flower arrangements.

Some of the wall vases are low fire clay hand painted with bright colors and gloss glazes, some are mixed media one of a kind with colored porcelain, decals, and acrylic paints.  All are whimsical, colorful, hold water for fresh flowers, hand made and hang on the wall.  A canvas "environment" can be custom painted for any of the vases as well as a wall table.  They make a great addition to your home, dining area, entryway, kitchen, bath, wine cellar as well as your garden, patio or outdoor kitchen.

Along with being a full time studio artist, Diana has passed her extensive knowledge of clay along to her many students. Diana owns a coopertive members only studio called Tortuga Workspace for Ceramic Arts workspace for ceramic art. All in rural Petaluma in the heart of the wine country and Sonoma County California.  Diana combines creative experiences with gourmet food prepared by an in house chef to give people a spa weekend unlike any other.  The setting is serene and studio is well lit and spacious.  A time to immerse yourself, retreat, and step out of your life for a few hours to a weekend.

Diana Crain


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