Colored porcelain Wall Vases
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These vases are one of a kind pieces.  I produce them for my retail shows, select galleries, and commissions.  They are mostly 24" high and 1.75" deep.  They are made as tiles and have porcelain tubes attached to the back to hold water and as a devise for hanging them.  They must hang on a wall.  They are suitable for indoor use only as the surface is now mixed media with acrylic paints and paper decals.  Colored Porcelain only can be requested if for outdoor use.
Prices range from $185. - $525. for the vases.  Canvases can be ordered separately to go with any vase.  Prices vary.
If you are interested in this work please email me with more details of what you are interested in and I can send you images of inventory in stock

Monoprinting with Clay

What is a clay monoprint?  Pigment is added to liquid clay called slip.  Images are produced on a clay slab with these colored slips by painting, stenciling and transfer techniques.  These Vases are colored porcelain slabs. They are called monoprints because each image is unique.  On my vases, I scan the monoprints into my computer to print laser decals of my images.  These are then transferred to the vase.  I also use acrylic paints to alter the images.