Wine Bottle Vases
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I live in wine country and my Wine Bottle Wall Vases reflect that.  They are made from slabs of low fire white clay then handpainted with bright colors and labeled with your favorite varietal.  All red wines can come in the reds and purple combinations and the white wines and champagnes come in yellows and greens.  The shape depends on the varietal.  The glasses are 9.75"high x 1.75"deep and add a finishing touch.  They all hold water for fresh flowers and come as small wine bottles 14.5" high x 1.75" deep and as magnums 22" high x 1.75"deep.  These pieces must hang on the wall.  They are made as tiles with a tube on the back for hanging and flowers.  They are shipped UPS ground.  The shipping and handleing fee is $10. per small bottle or glass in Ca. and $15. elsewhere in the continental US.  The Magnums are $25. shipping and handleing per bottle.